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West Hollywood

Officially founded in 1984 as the 84th city in Los Angeles County, West Hollywood is a young, vibrant community with a colorful and entertaining past. Today, West Hollywood is one of the greatest gay friendly vacation destinations known world-wide, it is the pet friendliest city in Southern California and is Los Angeles’ hottest destination for entertainment, nightlife, boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants. It hosts events such as the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and the largest Halloween Street Party in the world. At present, the city has grown to 39,000 residents and West Hollywood continues to be an example for progressive, creative individuals on the cutting edge of trends and new ideas, working together as a community in one of the most sprawling cities in the country.

Real estate in “Weho” consists of single-family residents, some of the best condos in LA, multi-family units and apartment buildings. Major residential neighborhoods in West Hollywood include the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, West Hollywood West, West Hollywood East and West Hollywood Heights. Major intersecting streets provide shopping and amenities within walking distance of adjacent neighborhoods.

West Hollywood services the following zip codes: 90046, 90048, 90069

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