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Frank is absolutely the most professional, ethical, and talented real estate agent I have ever met hands down. My wife and I met Frank several years ago and were impressed with him from day one. We purchased a house which he was representing. The marketing was amazing and when we went to see the house, we were not disappointed. We kept in touch, and when it was time to sell our house, we called Frank immediately. He represented us amazingly and went way over the extra mile more than once. He has an amazing work ethic and knows the market, and the LA area, better than anyone. He really keeps on top of everything down to a great level of detail. Also, any problems that we had, even non-real estate related, Frank seemed to have a top-notch contacts waiting and willing to help. He brings an amazing network to the table. I’ve bought and sold many houses over the years with many different agents. Frank is by far the best agent ever and just a great guy on top of it. If you don’t use him as your agent then you are not getting the best representation LA has to offer.

-James E.

Dear Frank, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your incredible team for the exceptional work you did on helping us to buy our Canyon Cove residence and also in selling the Bennett Drive property.

As you know, we started our search without a Realtor. However, by hiring you as our exclusive agent we were very pleased with your assessment of our requirements — not to mention you found us the perfect new abode.

You made the buying/selling process seamless. You fulfilled our needs, even exceeded them, in a timely manner. Throughout the entire process, you demonstrated smart, hands on approach that led to a quick sale of our first home. We will recommend you and your team to anyone looking for a house.

Again, I wanted to make sure that you are aware of how much we value and appreciate your efforts on our behalf, and when we need the services of a Realtor in the future – you will be the first person we call. Best regards,

-Jeff B

After our real estate debacle the last go around, my husband and I vowed we’d never move again (don’t get me started).  Cut to a few years later when our daughter arrived on the scene and knew a move was inevitable from the Hills to somewhere more family-friendly.  We fell in love with one of Frank Bruno’s listings and also with Frank.  Instantly we felt welcomed by him, but were still stung from our prior experience.

Frank was a dream to work with one every single level.  He was persistent without being sleazy-realtor.  He was fun without losing an ounce of professionalism.  He was accommodating and savvy and ahead of the curve nearly 100% of the time.  We went from loathing our real estate agent experience to loving it.

Come to think of it, we’d like to marry Frank.

Kidding.  We did deal with some stressful situations throughout the transaction (I was in New York City during most of it) and a buyer pulled out.  Zen Frank walked us through it and we had a back-up offer still 130K over asking the next morning.  Frank even offered to come help us unpack!  When I tell this part of the story, I get moans of disbelief, but they are in fact all true.

I cannot recommend Frank more highly.  I have written such recommendations before but never has one come more highly and more enthusiastically than the one you are reading now.  If I were to list all the exceptional things he did on the transaction, we’d have a War and Peace recommendation on our hands, so suffice it to say, Frank Bruno is the best and last real estate agent we will ever use.

Most sincerely,

-Heather and Jason

Listing our home with Frank Bruno made selling, moving AND buying an incredible experience. Frank created a web site, fantastic brochures, had our home listed in several magazines and papers, and even went so far as to get our home named “Home of the Week” in the Los Angeles Times.

While our home was on the market he had several open houses, allowing our home to get the maximum exposure. Once our home was sold, Frank worked tirelessly to find us a new home, making the transition from one home to another very smooth and hassle free.

Thanks a lot Frank for all your time and effort… We’ll be sure to send all our home buying and selling friends your way!

-Jay N. and Kevin F.

Smart, sensible, honest & charming. It’s hard to find good agents like Frank Bruno. He helped us sell our first home and purchase our second. Each transaction was virtually painless and trouble free due to Frank’s superior knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market, positive & contagious attitude and amazing commitment to his clients. Not to mention, his incredible reputation throughout the industry. He is a real professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly…he is the real deal and a complete professional.

-Jami B.

This letter is to commend Frank Bruno for his outstanding commitment as my realtor.

I appreciate his transaction savvy, good eye, consistent follow-through, and fun spirit. I wish Frank Bruno continued success, which I know will only build, and I am happy to recommend him to my friends, family and colleagues.

I should like to elaborate on Frank’s top notch work. If every real estate transaction is unique, then it is fair to say that mine was really unique:

To complicate the endeavor right out of the gate, Frank was asked to locate the perfect place that met not only my goals but also those of my friend of 15 years with whom I was jointly purchasing the property. Our situation was unusual because he lives in San Francisco and was seeking to purchase an attractive investment income property, meanwhile as the local in Los Angeles, I was more focused in finding a comfortable primary residence. Frank’s solution to bridge our  interests was a charming Spanish duplex with detached in-law unit in a hip, up and coming area South of Wilshire. His suggestion, now with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight was genius, but at the time, I just didn’t get it and responded that Frank need not waste either of our time in taking me there…

To Frank’s credit, he had learned through our time visiting properties, exchanging emails, and chatting on the phone to recognize what was important to me and was able to open my mind. Artfully, subtly, carefully, Frank executed his plan during our second weekend together to get me to that Spanish duplex. Of course, I fell for the property immediately, we made our bid on the duplex, and it was accepted.

To be honest, my appreciation of Frank’s abilities did not really came into focus until our escrow period, at which point the crafts of negotiation and clever strategy come into play. We were all required to hustle in an usually accelerated time frame of 20 days for closing and only seven to waive inspections. Frank was a strong leader that kept all parties – escrow, the mortgage broker, appraisers, inspectors, title, insurance, the listing agent, and us – on point and well informed. We made a claim for credit to the purchase price upon further specialist inspections, and our appeal was met after a couple delicate rounds of discussion.

In my view, the effort required was herculean, and Frank managed the transaction with finesse. I should like to add that his work reflects well on all of Kellar Williams.


-Chris P.

If all real estate agents were like Frank Bruno, it would be a better world!  He sets the bar so high and is so completely competent and ethical on ALL aspects of the real estate transition.  We have used him on multiple real estate transactions and he was as meticulous and fantastic on all transactions. I cannot say enough about Frank personally and professionally — he is the only real estate agent we will ever use, period. His attention to detail and determination are extraordinary. He also happens to be a really honest, wonderful person. I can’t rave about him enough!

-Kristen S.

My girlfriend and I wanted to buy a home and as real estate virgins, we had no idea where to turn. We called Frank and he helped us through the entire process from finding a home to financing. He held our hand every step of the way. We love our new home, and are so thankful to Frank for being there for us. We couldn’t have done it without him. Frank thank you so much for your help! We love the place and we are so happy!


-Shedrack and Kathryn

I haven’t found a better agent to work with in this difficult time in the real estate market! Frank gives hands-on service with attention to EVERY detail, making sure your transaction is virtually painless. I trust Frank to take care of any of  the friends and clients I have referred – all now devoted and repeat clients!! His reputation for closing your transaction, make him one of the most sought after agents in Souther California.

-Reynaldo D.

If you want the sharpest most professional Real Estate Agent in LA, Frank Bruno is your man. The minute you meet him it becomes apparent he knows the business inside and out and putting the clients best interest first is always his number one priority. That’s why so many people use Frank as their buying and selling Agent.

-Jillian D.

Frank Bruno is one of the premier real estate agents in Southern California.  His professionalism is impeccable.  His track record of successfully completed sales and happy clients puts him at the top of the heap.  These are difficult times in the real estate market, so now more than ever his level of knowledge is a valuable asset.

-Michael P.
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